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Blue Tasting

Blu Giovello wines are produced from native grape varieties typical of Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the most eastern regions of Northern Italy.

  • Soil
    To the north, the chain of the Alps offers shelter from the coldest winds, while to the south, the Adriatic Sea has a mitigating effect, contributing to the creation of a microclimate particularly suitable for the cultivation of vines.

  • Climate
    The areas of origin of the grapes are mainly located in the Grave del Friuli region, where the alluvial soil is characterized by a large stony surface, which enhances the temperature range between day and night, favouring an ideal concentration of aromatic substances in the skin, and therefore more intense and elegant scents.

  • Grape
    Blu Giovello wines represent the excellence of the territory and embody the most authentic expression of the native grape varieties typical of the production area, both in the sparkling and still versions.

Our Land

Blu Giovello was created in a land steeped in art and culture and bears witness to a rich and surprising historical heritage that stretches throughout its territory from Venice to Trieste. A legacy that we rediscover every day in the spirit with which we give life to our wines.

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