Blu Giovello is an italian wine

The Brand

Feel Free. Happy Blue

Blu Giovello was created with the aim of combining the freshness of elegant and fragrant wines with the seduction of unconventional colours and shapes.Light and carefree like a dragonfly in flight, the scents of Blu Giovello combine with any occasion for conviviality, evoking the blue of the sea and the rivers that bathe the land from which they come, and the blue of the skies of Italy.


It refers to its origin: Italy, represented by the blue of its sky and of the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.


It comes from the combination of the Italian words Giovane (young) and Bello (beautiful). The dragonfly in flight is a symbol of harmony and prosperity.

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Follow the flight of the dragonfly and discover the wide horizons of the Italian sky and sea through the young and light freshness of Blu Giovello wines.

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“In Blu Giovello i wanted to put all the lightness, joy and elegance of the dragonfly: an invitation to celebrate life and freedom from conventions.”
Blu Giovello - Wine Creator
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